General Settings

This is the general settings tab for the widget. In this page, you can enter the following information:

Parameter Value
Title Title of the widget
Open Hours Message Message that is shown in the footer during opening hours
Closed Hours Message Message to show in the footer during closed hours
Currently Open/Closed Badges Text to be displayed as a badge during opening/closed hours
Open 24 hours text Text to be displayed when open 24 hours
Closed All Day Text Text to be displayed when closed all day
Holiday Message for Header Text to be displayed in the header during holidays
Seasonal Message Text to be displayed when closed for the season

Don't want the footer message? Simply leave both Open and Closed hours messages blank and footer is hidden.

Don't want special holiday header? Simply leave Holiday Message for Header blank.

After you entered your information in the desired fields click save and go to second tab for customization.

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