Customization : Views

In the view tab, you are able to change how you want to show the data.



Display hours for the entire week

By default, the widget only display the business hours for today, if you want to show business hours for the entire week, select this option.

Abbreviations of days of the week

By default, days are shown in full name (ex: Monday), if you want to display as short name like Mon, select this option.

Hide today's hours when close

If you want to hide business hours when closed

Hide today's hours when open

If you want to hide business hours when open

Show tomorrow's hours

If you want to show tomorrow's hours

Display Open 24 hours for certain days

If you set the start time at 12:00 AM and end time at 11:59 PM, you can choose to display time as "Open 24 hours

Display hours using 24 hour format

If you want to display business hours using 24 hr clock format.

Group Consecutive Days

If your start and end hours are the same for consecutive days, you can group them. For example: Mon-Fri.

Use Font Awesome Icon

If you want to replace the SVG icon in the header with a font awesome icon, select this option and put the icon name in the input field.

Include Font Awesome CSS File

If your Theme does not include the css file for font awesome, you can check this option so the font awesome css is loaded in front end.

Countdown to closing and opening hours

If you want to show countdown to opening and closing hours select this option.

Load widget using ajax

If you use caching plugins like W3 Total Cache or WP Rocket, select this option to avoid conflict with open/closed status

Load customizations as inline style in the header

By default, all customizations are loaded in a separate css file, if you are experiencing difficulties or issues, select this option

Group Consecutive Days

Please note that selecting Display week days as short format is recommended when grouping consecutive days.

This option only considers the first set of times and will ignore any additional time periods.

Countdown and loading via ajax

You cannot use counter when you have selected loading via ajax

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