Version History

V 1.6.1 : May 22, 2017

  • Added
    • Added support for seasonal time period
    • Added option to hide today's hours when open
    • Added option to display hours in 24 hr format

V 1.6.0 : April 24, 2017

  • Added
    • Added support for holidays and special days
    • Added support for cache plugins
    • Added option to display holiday message in the header
    • Added option to hide today's hours when closed
    • Added option to show tomorrow's hours
    • Added option to load customization via inline style in the header
    • Added placeholder for hours
  • Fixed
    • Fixed javascript errors
    • Fixed after/before widget empty spaces
    • Fixed open/closed status for special cases
    • User customization is now written in a custom css file
  • Updated
    • Updated links to help center
    • Updated language files
    • Updated folders and files structures
  • Removed
    • Removed support information from the widget
    • Removed some useless instructions from the option fields
    • Removed the default font for the widget (use theme's font instead)

V 1.5.0 : Mar 21, 2017

  • Updated language files
  • Added Dutch language (translation via Google Translate)
  • Added Spanish language (translation via Google Translate)
  • Fixed counter where out of range time was shown as negative value

V 1.4.0 : Mar 4, 2017

  • Added Box-sizing: Border-box to the style in case the Theme does not set it by default
  • Fixed white screen issue with some older PHP versions

V 1.3.0 : Feb 12, 2017

  • Fixed issue where style did not load properly if using Page Builder by SiteOrigin

V 1.2.0 : Feb 5, 2017

  • Fixed translation issues
  • Added German language files (translated via Google Translate)

V 1.1.0 : Jan 2, 2017

  • Added multiple opening/closing hours for individual days
  • Using Font Awesome icons to replace the existing calendar image
  • Option to display counter for closing and opening hours
  • Upload images for opening and closing hours to replace the default header
  • Fixed issue where the custom style was shown on pages where the widget was not active
  • Fixed issue where the color picker was not visible in Page Builder by SiteOrigin
  • Updated both admin and front end stylesheets
  • Better error handling

V 1.0.0 : Dec 7, 2016

  • Initial release

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